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Blog entry by Wyatt Vega

Is there a natural supplements to help with ADHD?

Is there a natural supplements to help with ADHD?

ADD/ADHD is a complex disorder that is only partially understood.

magnesium and Picamilon zinc taken in concert one with the other.

There is not much research on supplements for treating ADHD, primarily because it is a brain based disorder and much of it arises from structural abnormalities--not temporary fluctuations in diets. However, I have spoken with therapists who adjust sugar intake not because of speculated hyperactive effect but because of differences in adrenal gland function or effects from sugar for ADHD, although I don't have a source for that.

A natural treatment that I DO have many resources for is exercise--regular exercise is likely the best natural treatment alternative or supplement for people with ADHD, largely because of its effects on the brain. This will have much more lasting and dramatic effects than a food supplement.

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